Montana is home to open ranges, cattle drives, and cowboys and cowgirls that love the outdoors. Around Great Falls, there are 7 upcoming events that celebrate Montana’s outdoor heritage along the western front. Beginning in June, there will be 7 PRCA and Montana Rodeo events to allow spectators to enjoy an alluring, authentic, and rugged Montana tradition.

According to legend, rodeo began in the 1860s when two groups of cowboys met in Deer Trail, CO to settle an argument over who was the best at performing everyday ranching tasks. That was the beginning of a true American sport, based on the customs of those who settled the great American West. Spanish-speaking cowboys and recent east coast homesteaders contributed different techniques. By the turn of the 20th century, rodeo had cemented its place into American culture.

As rodeo audiences grew, promoters organized annual contests in specific locations. The first true national cowboys’ organization emerged in 1936, when a group of cowboys and cowgirls performed at Madison Square Garden. Today’s professional cowboy honors the tradition of their 1800s predecessor, and the sport’s ideals of sportsmanship, showmanship, and mentorship are valued by today’s competitors.

Be a part of this 150-year tradition. Plan your next great adventure to see cowboys, cowgirls, and some of the best sportsmanship in the West. All events are an easy drive from Great Falls.

Belt Rodeo June 18th (tickets available the day of the event)

Fort Benton Rodeo June 25th (tickets available the day of the event)

Augusta June 26th (tickets available by calling 406.562.3477)

Stanford July 17th (tickets available by calling 406.566.2422)

Lewistown July 20th (tickets available at the gates)

Great Falls August 2-6th (tickets available at ExpoPark)

Cascade August 12th (tickets available by calling 406.799.2123)